San Francisco bits and pieces 2014

This to me is not repulsive but the funk of the city.

Walking the streets of San Francisco brought strong smells of pot smoke and urine almost everywhere. This to me is not repulsive but the funk of the city. It is a part of the street culture here as it is a part in one way or another of many street cultures the world around. Homelessness and drug use have always be intrinsic to street culture and San Francisco is rich with street culture. On many of the city blocks San Francisco shows off the street art of this small but great American city. The art is a mix of psychedelic imagery, political statements, memories and messages. It provides a vibrant reflection of the people who inhabit the city.

Along 7th, Market and many of the surrounding streets live a lot of the city's homeless communities which are squeezed by the growing tech industry and its population. I found a lot of graffiti pieces and RIP art pieces. Most of them were in back streets and alley ways.

The Mission district displays a large proportion of Latino street art but there is also a good mix of visual art and political messages from many walks of life.

Up in Haight can be found hippy knickknacks, hip and vintage clothing, great record stores and a bunch of places to eat and drink along with sporadic colorful pieces.

Although there is a vibrant art culture here I can't help but wonder if San Francisco like many other artistic hubs will fade into a gentrified upmarket version of what it once was. I wonder whether the street art will remain and if it does, will it continue to be as varied and magnificent.

Written by William Riever, 2014-02-17