Swans - To Be Kind

It twists and turns like a splintered tapestry of psychedelic sound.

On the 13th of May the Swans will release To Be Kind. For the uninitiated, the Swans have been creating music since the early 80s and could be described as providing the musical equivalent of a medicine man's ritual. They are often seen as a post-punk band but they are so much more. With bits of experimental industrial, funk, noise and aspects of classic rock and blues making up the complex layers of their music. They are as creative and innovative as they are diverse.

At a smidgen over 2 hours To Be Kind is an epic work of sound. The music drifts along in a dream state of a corvette tearing down a 3am desert highway with blasts of acid flashbacks. It is crafted with wonderful detail and dynamics that could only be described effectively by the Swans. In traditional Swans style the music is rhythmic, driving and repetitive with fantastically chaotic crescendos that burn into your mind. There is a wonderful sense of teetering on the edge of loss of control pushed forth by Michael Gira's entrancing vocals, sometimes beautiful and other times terrifying. If you are familiar with the Swans back catalog you will not be disappointed with the diversity of sounds and instrumentation used on this release.

It twists and turns like a splintered tapestry of psychedelic sound. To Be Kind is truly awesome. Treat yourself to a listen

Written by William Riever, 2014-05-05