Godflesh - Decline and Fall

This is pure and raw Godflesh from their deep dark heavy roots.

Following on from the sneak peak of Ringer, Godflesh's 4 tack EP Decline and Fall is now out to reek havoc on your speakers.

The setup is as it was in the beginning. Drum machine, bass, guitar, vocals and a smattering of subtle samples. As we've come to expect from Broadrick the production is tight, compressed and with the impact of an anvil. The tracks share a hypnotic receptiveness that grinds on like bones into the dirt and evolves into distinct parts. As seems to be the contemporary trend Godflesh have made Decline and Fall available on Bandcamp. For those of us who live in the gutter, generously you can listen to the tracks for free. As a bonus for those who purchase through Bandcamp you get two extra dub mixes, Ringer and Playing With Fire as part of the digital download. These are essentially cutups that add a washy mix of delay and some gritty texture to the originals. While Ringer is fairly subtle in it's mutation Playing With Fire really take on a new life of it's own. As far as I'm concerned the dub mixes are well worth the purchase through Bandcamp. For those of you who have never left the format or recently discovered it, Decline and Fall is available on Vinyl. With a limited run of around 180 copies you'd better be quick to snap it up.

Although we've all had a long wait, Godflesh have really delivered with Decline and Fall. This is pure and raw Godflesh from their deep dark heavy roots. Can't wait to hear what's to come with the full length album later in the year.

Written by William Riever, 2014-06-03