YOB re-release The Great Cessation

Fantastically bleak, heavy and hypnotic. This is proper DOOM!

For those who missed this brilliant piece of music back in 2009 YOB has re-released The Great Cessation. Fantastically bleak, heavy and hypnotic. This is proper DOOM!

The riffs chug on at a mostly slow but crushing pace typical to great doom metal. The wildly demonic and varied vocals of Mike Scheidt together with sections of overlaid echoey distorted guitars produces sections of sound much like some kind of ancient doom machine that threatens to strip your soul. This in combination with the brutal rhythm section produces wonderful peaks, troughs and plateaus that provide great dynamics. From the beginning you get a distinct feeling of desperation. This is then contrasted with an ethereal floating dream state that balances out the destruction. As you pass the middle of the album the music takes on a more powerful form with a beautiful combination of uplifting and melancholic cords that push and pull you onward. As the end nears the music takes on the heavy riffs and chaotic solos of doom metal thrusting you in through the out door.

This is an album that allows your mind to get involved with it in a rather mediative way. If you really want to understand what doom is about, this is not a bad place to get your first taste. Like many of these great releases you can check it out before you put up your cash on Band Camp.

Written by William Riever, 2014-06-18