Getaway Rock Festival - 2014

As is the case with most multi day festivals that provide for camping the festival grounds are where go see the bands, the camping area is were you go to party!

Getaway festival this year started out looking very much like last year's festival. Wet and a bit miserable but with a fantastic lineup. People were still out to see the bands but you could tell that their spirits were a little low. You could not help but feel for The Haunted who played to a diminished soaked crowd trying to make the best of the situation. Although the day was well and truly on it's way into the afternoon when the rain stopped it really took the edge off and peoples spirits started to lift a little.

As is usual for Getaway the first day lent towards the heavy side of rock and metal with bands such as Kreator and Vader pushing the bar high. Although there were plenty of negative comments being thrown about regarding Arch Enemy's live performance before they played, they really put on a fantastic show. Alissa White-Gluz took command of the stage like a pro and showed that she is worthy of the job. Kadavar put on a great set and were quite a surprise as their superb live sound clearly showed that their recorded material is let down by a rather boring mix and production. If you are into the whole 70s big riff thing, you really should get along to one of their shows. Another pleasant surprise for the day was Heavy Tiger. Although they weren't mind blowing they certainly have improved the quality of their live performance and put on what could be said was an entertaining show with a smattering of punk rock attitude.

Friday brought what almost every Swede dreams of during the long winter months. A hot sun drenched day! The sun was out and the whole festival was on the up. Beer, bands a sunny day. Not much more to ask for really. For fans of hard headed metal akin to Pantera, starting out the day were Propane Headrush who brought it in spades. Continuing on with the heavy side of what Getaway has to offer were Skindred. Bringing together Rasta and metal, how could you go wrong. For those of you that prefer the distortion set to more manageable level Bigelf and Airborne provided a more rock oriented sound. Although you can certainly see the appeal of Airborne it's hard not to notice the distinct similarity between their shows and the legends ACDC. Even front man Joel O'Keeffe's stage persona strongly takes after that of Angus Young's. Either way you see it though, they do put on a great rock show. As the witching hour drew near the tension built with anticipation. At midnight Slayer exploded onto stage with a fantastic performance, playing many classic such as War Ensemble and South Of Heaven. If you had not got your fill of evil from Slayer, Gorgoroth would surely satisfy even the most hardened metal heads out there. These guys are phenomenal black metal at its best. Even if you're not that into it, it's hard not to be impressed by the imposing Gaahl with his huge spiked braces and corpse paint.

The last day of the festival brought yet again more fantastic weather with a bit of respite toward the afternoon provided by a slight cover of broken cloud. The lineup was a mix of more established bands with a few veterans amongst the fray. Doro and Hawkwind showed that they're still willing to rock out while Marduk, Dummu Borgir and Watain brought ferocious black metal to bare on the masses.

As is the case with most multi day festivals that provide for camping the festival grounds are where you go to see the bands, the camping area is were you go to party! The wide gamut of music and the people that attend is what makes this festival so special. As has been the case in the previous years, Getaway Rock Festival once again proves that it is the place for rockers, metal heads and all sorts in between.

Written by William Riever, 2014-08-12