Faith No More's Motherfucker!

Faith No More need no introduction for the older generation of music lovers but, it's quite possible with 17 years of absence there is a lot of the younger generation that will have no idea of the brilliance and impact of The Real Thing and Angel Dust.

Motherfucker is the first single from a soon to be released new album. As is usual for Faith No More the opening of the single requires a slight adjustment to get to grips with as it diverges from their previous work. The single is rhythmic and driven with a sense of anticipation. Once into the song there is no doubt that this is the new incarnation of Faith No More as Mike Patton's vocals cover familiar melodic territory as if to reassure the listener that there is still a good part of the real thing in there.

If past albums are anything to go by, this should be a great addition to Faith No More's music. If the title of the single is telling of things to come, we should be in store for a great album with a nice bit of grit, edge and tongue in cheek. I for one am eager as a kindergarden kid to hear the album in full.

Written by William Riever, 2014-11-19