Chelsea Wolfe

Although it was subtle, it was certainly present and put a happy grin on my face.

I did not know much about Chelsea Wolfe before seeing her and her band perform. I had a listen to a bunch of releases to decide whether it was something that was worth checking out. I enjoyed what I heard enough to get my arse along to the gig… mind you it didn't hurt that my mate promised beer. If you are not familiar with Chelsea Wolfe I would say that if you are into Mazzy Star or Portishead or the thought of a love child of the two sounds like a good thing, she would almost surely suite your tastes.

The make up of the crowd was a little surprising to me as it was mostly of the black clad dark brooding kind. I do get how the goths would be into Chelsea Wolfe, especially after seeing her perform. I was also pleasantly surprised to find an unexpected undertone of heavy down tuned sludgy doom metal in the live sound. Although it was subtle, it was certainly present and put a happy grin on my face. The set was made up of slow but driven melancholic tunes mostly with the band but a few with Chelsea Wolfe solo, supporting herself on acoustic guitar. Although I would not say that her guitar playing is a strong point it certainly brings a simple innocences to the atmosphere.

You could say that Chelsea Wolfe borrows a lot from other greats but, that is probably true of all artists. Like all good artists, Chelsea Wolfe makes it her own. The lovely mix of electronic, synths, sample and band all delivered by a passionate and captivating Chelsea Wolfe made it well worth the effort of getting along to see. If you are into the dark acoustic electronic grind. Do yourself a favor and get along to a show.

Written by William Riever, 2013-11-06