Cocksure slaps us with Corporate_Sting's a tooth grinding, acid bath wash of energetic noise and cracking beats...

Charging on from their hyper productivity of 2014 which saw 3 releases, Cocksure has put out Corporate_Sting via Metropolis. Running with a strong corporate penetrative theme while loosing the plot we are presented with great titles, Porno Drones, Cold Dick, Might Mouse and Razor Invader.

Sound wise, it's a tooth grinding, acid bath wash of energetic noise and cracking beats that provides relentless hammering psychedelic EBM with Connelly's vocals giving the music an unmistakable air of familiarity. That being said, this is certainly a good push forward and away from the 80s and 90s of Revolting Cocks.

The composition of the album has a lovely slap of sexy sleaze and the production as expected by two of the scenes greats is stella. All in all there is the right level of grit, crackle and pop mixed with a dirty big dab of lunacy. Although plenty of contemporary electronic albums get a bit stale once you get through the cream which is usually 3 or 4 tracks tops, Cocksure manage to keep it on the same steady body slamming rail while bringing in some nice subtle changes that keep you at attention.

If you want a bit of maniacal tongue on barse skull drilling action, this is for you. Personally I think this is what EBM should be. What are you waiting for!? Don't take my word for it, check it out on Bandcamp.

Written by William Riever, 2015-08-14