The pulverizing Sonance/Torpor 12” split, what can I say but this is insanely heavy and dark.

Doom sludge heads listen up. Two terrific UK bands Sonance and Torpor have teamed up to release a spectacular split 12". It'll be out in mid April and is now available for vinyl preorder.

Starting out with Torpor, man, what can I say but this is insanely heavy and dark. The whole side has a stink of decay to it that slides slowly from the deathly to crushing. The elements of ambience are wonderfully balanced with blasting heaviness. With it's crackling thunderous distortion taking you down into the deep caverns of some god forgotten place. This on a personal level is what the dark dredges of sludgy doom should be. The only respite is the small crack of light briefly available from the second track Evirons.

Switching to the Sonance side brings on a brief and misleading appearance of beauty from End Your Life with it's bright and sparkling guitar harmonics. As the piercing noise sets in you'd have to realize that the beauty is soon to be replaced with an inferno of distortion and relentless grinding down. Sonance expand on this formula bringing together beauty and the melancholic along with pounding heaviness and touches of eeriness. Although Sonance does not have the all out obliterative power conveyed by Torpor there is a solid sense of sophistication in the composition.

The sound of both Torpor and Sonance is without doubt sludgy doom with the production of both bringing out a great balance of bass and airy clarity. Although both sides certainly have their own sound they are complimentary to each other allowing the split to work incredibly well both sonically and conceptually.

This is yet more proof of the fantastic doom sludge scene that is still going strong in the UK and at the bargain price of £10.99, I just don't see how anyone who's a fan of doom/sludge could pass this up.

Check it out on Bandcamp Torpor and Sonance

Written by William Riever, 2016-02-15